5 beach beds per shack policy may go for a toss

06, Dec 2012

And there goes another tough policy for a toss. The flat rule of just five beach beds per shack had turned the beaches of Goa beautiful once again, but for a very short time. The shackowners have managed to bring sufficicient pressure on the Government to change the rules and word has it that the indefatigible MLA Michael Lobo has been applying the most pressure to increase the number of beach beds.

His role as saviour of beach bed owners was played to the hilt when the demolition expert of the Tourism department destroyed some beach beds and was stopped by "a politiician". Apparently, it was found out that the demolishing team did not have the proper orders to demolish and confiscate beach beds.

The shackowners were a very pleased lot, bragging about the fact that they had spoken to the government and the government had agreed to allow them to have 20 beach beds per shack.

After the five beach bed per shack policy was introduced the beaches of Goa were beautiful to behold. 20 beds per shack is going to bring the clutter back to the beaches. The policy said that hotels were not allowed to keep beach beds on the beach. Now the government will permit hotels having beach frontage to put up beach beds.

Question: Why make tough policies in the first place, if they are going to be watered down a few weeks later?


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