Bring domestic workers under Minimum Wages Act, says Bailancho Saad

22, Oct 2012

Bailancho Saad and Domestic Workers Trust called upon the Labour Minister Avertano Furtado and submitted a memorandum demanding recognition of Donestic workers as workers in the Minimum Wages Act.

Labour Commisioner Fatima Rodrigues informed that a survey has to be done of Domestic Workers and after surveying and ascertaining 1000 domestic workers by the Labour department, the matter will be put before the meeting of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board .

The Board is slated to meet to discuss the revision of minimum wages. The delegation impressed upon the Minister for Labour and the Labour Commissioner that in several states domestic workers are covered under minimum wages Act. Goa is way behind and is yet to recognise domestic workers as workers. Copies of the notifications issued by other statessuch as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala, New Delhi, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Orissa have been handed over to the Labour Commissioner's office.

Bailancho Saad and Domestic Workers Trust stated that there are several thousand domestic workers in the state. Those who come from outside the state are paid very little, confined, overworked and exploited. Registration of workers ensures some protection and arrests child domestic workers.

The organisations stated that though it is the responsibility of the authorities to do the needful they are willing to place the requisite thousand workers on record so that the government can start the process for issuing the notification for including domestic workers as workers immediately.

The delegation comprised Sabina Martins, Escaline Miranda. Priyanka Velip, Afrose Shaikh, Maggie Fernandes, Heera Yellanwar and Pushpa Pilarnkar.

The copy of the memorandum has also been marked to the Chief Minister for quick action.


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