Mining official's suicide will be a shot in the arm for mining lobby

22, Sep 2012

The suicide of suspended senior geologist Dattaraya Bhave will be a shot in the arm to the pro mining lobby with sympathy bound to swing towards the suspended officials. There is already talk of the mining lobby already putting pressure on BJP President Nitin Gadkari to instruct Parrikar to lay off, or to go easy on those connected with illegal mining. There was an unconfirmed rumour that Dinar Tarcar the mining kingpin of Goa second only to Sesa Goa was having meetings with Nitn Gadkari in New Delhi.

Meanwhile the man on the street is asking why the big fish also indicted in the Shah Commission Report have not yet been arrested. Many more wonder why the state government is not taking charge of the dumps and the ore piled up for export and auctioning them.

One interesting fallout is that Sudeep Tamankar, the freshest Congress member, addressed the media to day, accusing the Parrikar government of targeting "innocent officals in the mining department".


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