Subodh Kerkar goes hi-tech with Indigo Ganesha and digital matoli

19, Sep 2012

Subodh Kerkar has created a Ganesha sculpture using indigo, which is his new fascination as a medium. The matoli for his Ganesha is not with real fruits and leaves, but a digital matoli. An LED screen fitted on the top of the Ganesha sculpture plays images of various matoli items. The photographs for the digital matoli were shot by photographer, Sahil Prabhudesai and the video was created by Siddharth Kerkar and Sunil Shivane.


HI-TECH Ganesha with digital matoli above

Like human beings, Gods also adapt themselves to the new age. The concept of digital pooja was already introduced a decade ago in Mumbai and became very popular, especially because of unavailability of enough priests. Subodh’s Ganesha is a modern age Ganesha. The artist claims that he will respond to the prayers with the ‘speed of the net’. The colour indigo is the colour of the ocean, of the sky and stands for vastness of mind and knowledge. It is also the colour of ‘Neelkantha’, Ganesha’s father.

Subodh recounts his favourite story connected with the ‘Elephant God’ as the one of Kubera and Ganapati. Kubera was too proud of his wealth. He invited Ganesha for a meal. Lord Ganesha decided to teach him a lesson. He ate and ate until Kubera had no more food to offer. He was humiliated and his eyes opened. Kubera then asked for Ganesha’s forgiveness. There is a great lesson in the story for our politicians, says Subodh. “When power goes to the head, Ganesha shall cleanse!”

Want to see it? Visit Kerkar Kerkar Art Complex, Holiday Street, Gaurawado, Calangute, Goa, today. Subodh Kerkar will be there too. Contact: 9326119324


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