A small group of greedy mining companies jeopardized the entire industry, says Claude Alvares

18, Sep 2012

The forest department informed activists led by Claude Alvares of Goa Foundation and activist Ramesh Gauns, that the department has revoked the licences of seven mining companies:

TC No 1/37 Elray Minerals & Company
TC 62B/52 V M Salgaocar & Bros Pvt Ltd
TC 84/52 Bandekar Pvt Ltd
TC 28/52 Shantilal Khushaldas & Bros Pvt Ltd
TC 14/58 Sociedade Timblo Irmaos Limitada
TC 42/56 Raghuvir Sinai Gharse.

WILL MINING BE RESTARTED IN GOA THIS YEAR? 43 ECs due to be cancelled says Conservator of Forests All pics: Marvin Fernandes

The meeting between the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Richard D'Souza and the activists was very cordial. The Forest department officials agreed that they would cancel licences of  43 mines once they received the orders from the Ministry of Environment and Forests. So far the orders had not arrived.

AN ANT CAN BRING DOWN AN ELEPHANT, a small group of powerful mining company owners has jeopardised the entire industry

These seven mining companies have been mining inside the buffer zone of the wildlife sanctuaries. The Supreme Court had ruled that there should be a one kilometre buffer zone around wildlife sanctuaries and no heavy industries in a 10 km sone outside that. A small group of mine owners however were adamant and wanted to do away with the buffer zone completely. 


"It is only a few mining company owners who are responsible for destroying mining in Goa," Claude Alvares told the media. "Clearly they have jeopardised mining in Goa with their total disregard for the law.." They did not even stop to think of the repercussions on the rest of the industry., he added. The small group of powerful mining company owners have broken all laws because they were close to governments both in the State as well as in the Centre.

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