Claude calls for large-scale citizen action in Goa

14, Sep 2012

[CLAUDE ALVARES] It's finally over. Goa's mining industry of Salgaoncars, Chowgules, Sesa Goa, Vedanta, Timblos and other robber barons has bitten the dust, the same dust it choked the lungs of people with for years.

Now we take steps to ensure they do not arise ever again. With the Ministry of Environment now suspending all the environment clearances given to the working mines in the State, there is precious little chance they will be restored. We are all there to ensure that that never happens.

On Monday, 17th September, we crash the office of the Chief Wildlife Warden to ensure he recalls all wildlife clearances illegally issued by his office for mining in the State of Goa.

IT'S FINALLY OVER says Claude Alvares, but the fight must continue to stop them from coming back (Pic: Bevinda Collaco)

The anti-mining activists also have a few other initiatives up their sleeves. Watch this space! Join now or regret later. Large scale citizen action resumes in Goa.

We support the people of Koodankulam, who, prevented by the cops from blocking the roads, turned up at the site through the beach in vast numbers, throwing the state completely off gear. People of this country are still very much alive and kicking. Time for some more kicks!

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