GOA BUDGET 12-13 solid waste management, Goa to be plastic free

27, Mar 2012

Solid Waste Management is one of the major issues before the Government. It will be tackled with the co-operation of not only the enforcing authorities and local bodies, but also with the proactive support from each and every member of the society. We are the direct stakeholders in an effective management of solid waste, said Parrikar.

Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules and Rural Garbage Disposal Scheme for Village Panchayats are just not working. The government will work a two-pronged strategy. Appropriate funding to Municipalities and Panchayats to effectively manage their waste. Some Panchayats will be taken up on a cluster basis. The use of modern technology, new and improved methods in waste handling and disposal will be emphasized. Sensitizing the young and the old is an important aspect in waste management. Such programmes would be fully supported to ensure a sustained campaign on the subject until the desired objective is achieved.

Plastic waste is another area of concern. The 3-Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle will be propagated. The Government will work towards phasing out use of plastic for domestic use, like carry bags, sachets, wrappers, etc. The collection of segregated plastic and related items would be incentivised at collection centers to be set up. These measures will take some time for implementation cautions Parrikar, but it is a priority. "I have plan to ensure that no plastic waste is seen around the highways and state roads," he says.

A hi-tech garbage treatment plant, which can take care of mixed garbage, in an efficient manner will be set up. An Expression of Interest to select technology and establishment, will be floated very soon for the purpose.

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