Two hats of James Ferreira couture and activism

09, Dec 2010

James Ferreira, son of celebrated Olympian hockey stalwart Owen Ferreira is a sought after fashion designer who has travelled across the fashion world with ease. He was one of the first big names in fashion in India having worked alongside the likes of Zandra Rhodes.He is now is Goa to hold a show of his latest line. It is on display at Rust, Colonial Collections, Sangolda.

HE DOES IT HIS WAY James Ferreira posing with one of his models

TARGET GOA met up with James Ferreira not because of his haute couture, but because the court had just granted him a stay against a structure coming up in the heritage precinct of Kotachiwadi, South Mumbai.

Kothachiwadi is a village in the metropolis that is Mumbai, that has steadfastly refused to step out of the past. It has steadfastly refused to pull down, beautiful old cottages or change a lifestyle that has been undisturbed for centuries. The loudest voice and the strongest shoulders of this protective force has been this wiry man with the big laugh who has taken on the construction lobby and kept them firmly out of his village.


GLIMPSES OF A BETTER LIFE Kotachiwadi jealously guards its identity

A pragmatic man for all the airhead act he puts on, during a serious moment, Ferreira spoke of how he believes the East Indian community must stop considering themselves as such. First of all, he says, the East India Company left the shores of India a long while ago. Secondly the East Indians are from the West coast of India and third, he chuckles, the East India Company has been bought up by a Gujrati businessman. There is no relevance any more, says Ferreira. "We have to start calling ourselves Maharashtran Christians. At least we'll get the Thackerays on our side."

Regarding fashion, here are a few tips from the master himself. The little black cocktail dress is ho-hum on Indian skins; instead include a little red toga cocktail dress as a must have in your wardrobe. The colour red is most flattering to the Indian complexion. If you must wear black you can go in for fabrics with a variation of blue-black or burgundy-black. Keep the dress simple with clean lines. Togas and free flowing dresses hide and flatter rather than show up bulges. Use Indian jewellery on plain and simple dresses. You end up owning the evening, looking gorgeous and feeling comfortable at the same time.

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