Toddy tapper wing inauguration at Goa Chitra and a book release, May 18

14, May 2011

Goa Chitra an ethnographical museum situated in Benaulim, has in its collections implements and artefacts that are fundamental to the memory of the Goan communities. Through its collections, it preserves memories and tells stories about real Goa. The objects on display are the expression of our natural and cultural heritage. In this journey to preserve the past to enrich the future, Goa Chitra will celebrate international museum day in accordance with this years theme ‘Museum and Memory’.

On the 18th of May, Goa Chitra feels pride to evoke a memory that is slowly becoming extinct. As a tribute to our ancestral acumen, Goa Chitra shall inaugurate a new section to its museum which has been dedicated to the toddy tappers legacy called “Renderanchem Daiz” at the hands of Mr. Damodar Mauzo, an eminent shot story, and novel writer and Sahitya Akademi awardee at 5.30 P.M.

The programme is open to the public and shall commence at 5.30 p.m. on the 18th of May 2011 at the Goa Chitra amphi- theatre. For details and registration contact 08322772910 or 08326570877 between 9 AM and 6 PM or email at

“Renderanchem Daiz” is a special section which will showcase traditional toddy tappers implements donated by the family of late Joao Filipe Fernandes from Quepem. This display will include a live distillation unit using very rare and ancient implements that showcases the indigenous distilleries that evolved from a simple clay pot to a present day distillery.

Additionally the museum will evoke memories of trades, traditions and traders of the kalp-vruksha- the tree that yields all; commonly known as the coconut tree. From harvesting to processing, the visitors shall be exposed to rare traditions that in today’s day and age are extinct.
There would be live demonstrations of palm leaf weaving (Mol’lam Korpi), broom making (Saren Korpi), rope making (Razu Korpi), distillation (Soro Korpi), jaggery (Godd Korpi), vinegar making, coconut base sweet making etc.
Visitors would be allowed to sample and purchase much of the coconut based drinks, sweets and handicrafts.

To mark the occasion, Goa Chitra will launch the Konkani book “Render Ani Tachem Goem” (The Toddy Tapper and His Goa) by Jess Fernandes and released at the hands of Mr. Roque Gonsalves, a practising and dedicated toddy tapper from Quepem. This book is a product of 42 year documented research. It highlights more than just the Render community in Goa, as it weaves a tale of some of the most closely knitted societies who lived and worked together in exemplar harmony.
TODDY TAPPING and feni making Pic courtesy:

A panel of eminent personalities shall present their thoughts at the book launch.

Fr. Geraldo D’costa: a scholar of theology shall address the topic- social interactions amongst religions in Goa.

Shri Nagesh Karmali A poet and winner of many awards including Sathya – Akademi, will speak on Konkani Literature and the place of this book in it.

Prof. Martin Menino Fernandes: a retired secondary teacher, freedom fighter, Ex- General Secretary of All Goa Toddy Tappers’ Association and presently an active Social worker, who works for the cause of justice towards down-trodden will Speak on the author Jess Fernandes, and about the toddy-Tappers community in general.

Jess Fernandes: the Author, will share his journey of the story behind writing of this book. His vision and dream about the Toddy- Tappers in general and Goa in particular.

The discussion will be moderated by Pundolik Narayan Naik is a eminent drama, short-story, and novel writer and Winner of many Awards both in India and abroad, including Sahitya Akademi awards. He is the Convenor for Konkani language on the present panel of Sahitya Academy. A crusader for the cause of Goa and Konkani Language in all spheres, the convenor of Konkani Porjecho Avaz that fought for the recognition of Konkani as the Official language of Goa shall also address the topic on Konkani literature and about the author’s writing.

The event will be compered by Kamlaker Dat’taram Mhallxi, Resource Centre Co-Ordinator, Goa. S.S.A. (Sarva Shiksha Abhian) and the ex-Secretary of Goa Konkani Academy.

The “Render Ani Tachem Goem” story is even more interesting because The writer Jess Fernandes was born and has lived among the people of the Goan Toddy-Tapper community of Palolem Canacona, for 32 years. It is not an exact document, but the chronology of life of those people, their trails and revelry. The picture is methodical and chronological statements of event, facts and figures. It portrays the day-to-day life, the humility, empathy and of those who lived on hard work, unity and faith. In this book there is a dream for the betterment of the present Goa and Goan society, in the field of farming, manufacturing, and education of the highest kind available in the world today. This is a philosophy of political change, social reforms, humanity and a candid search for the truth.

Jess Fernandes. (Menino Jesus da Maria fernandes, started his writing carrier from 10 year of age in Portuguese, and then switched over to Konkani and English. He has Contributed extensively to the local and Bombay dailies, magazines and periodicals, poems short stories and book reviews in these languages and has worked and contributed in the field of khell, khell-tiatr (musical folk plays) , tiatr and drama in writing, directing and acting.

His lyrics and songs are sung by the different singers as Patriotic Songs, Manddo, folk-songs and folk dances. Shri Jess Fernandes has been in this field of Manddo Festival from the time of its inception in 1965. He is the founder member of the renown troupe KEPENCHIM KIRNNAM and has been instrumental in making the group climb the ladder of success through his glorious contribution to the group by the way of writing folkloric songs, innumerable Mandde, and introducing innovative concepts in folkloric field.

To his numerous accolades he has been awarded The prestigious Jezvit Antono Pereira Konknni Puroskar for 2005 from Thomas Stephen; Konknni Kendr for his life – time achievment in the field of Konknni literature and folklore. He has been awarded by Kala Akademi Goa for the year 2008 and Sahitya Akadimi Award for the year of 2009 for his Collection of poems “Kirvontt” . He was the Ex Vice-President of Konknni Borovpeancho Ekvott, Vice-President of Konknni Kepemkar, Life member of Lekhak Sangh, Konknni Bhaxa Mandal and ex- Chairman Language Cell of Konknni Bhaxa Mandal, Goa.

This International Museum Day 2011, Goa Chitra shall give its visitors an opportunity to discover and rediscover their individual and collective memory.

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